Our Club

The earliest Club records show that a meeting to form the Victor Harbor Croquet Club was held on August 8th 1914. The Club then went into recess in January 1915 for the duration of World War 1 and did not resume until 1923.  The Club was situated on Flinders Parade with the croquet and bowling club sharing a small clubroom.

By 1946 with the bowling and croquet clubs expanding  new greens and clubrooms proceeded to be established for the croquet club and in August 1947 the club began operating from its present site.

Golf Croquet was first introduced in 1997 and played socially by a small group of Association players, with the first formal GC members joining in 1999; playing once a week. As the membership grew more playing days were allocated.

Our Club has been very successful from its inception with both Association and Golf members playing for their State and in some cases for Australia.